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Paul Greco will work exceptionally hard for you. He’s a competent skilled criminal defense attorney and understands with sincerity to what you’re going through.   I am very blessed to have found him, with his expertise my charges were dismissed. Unfortunately, I had my first encounter with the law over a heated argument.  I made a few phone calls to several law firms to get advice but most of them tried to scare me into retaining them.  I gave up until about one week before my hearing, I started to panic, so I ask several of my professional friends that practiced law and they highly recommended Paul Greco.   I liked Paul instantly, being he was different than the other attorneys, instead of scaring me like the others, he was comforting and told me exactly how he was going to help me.   I retained him immediately.  Paul went to work right away and within several days he had my case rejected by the DA’s Office.  If you are in a bind with the law, I highly recommend Paul Greco, with expertise from years of experience as a DA, you will be in the best of hands.
Kayla M.