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We found out our son was in some pretty serious trouble, and found ourselves lost in a fog of worry and panic. Called a few lawyers and felt like they were “scaring” me into retaining them. From the very moment I called Paul, he had a calm demeanor and sounded compassionate to our situation, and immediately started to explain how this whole process would go. I retained him right then. He stayed in touch each moment along the way, and even though we got the case dismissed (YEAH!), I felt so reassured because he laid things out straight, upfront about all outcomes and made sure that we didn’t get too far ahead of ourselves with the ‘what ifs’ all along the way. He sincerely came across as wanting a second chance for our son, and was able to afford him one. If you find yourself in need of help with law problems, there is no one that I would recommend other than Paul Greco. I can’t thank you enough Paul.